Wood'n'stuff Rustic Ltd

Wood’n’Stuff Rustic Ltd has been around for quite some time but who is Wood’n’Stuff Rustic Ltd?

Wood’n’Stuff Rustic Ltd is Ross and Jayne Fields who, in one form or another, have been involved in crafts since the early 1990’s. With companies like Woodentops and Woodworm Crafts growing into Fields of Craft and latterly Wood ‘n’ Stuff Miniatures and Wood ‘n’ Stuff Rustic Ltd.

Jayne is also the creator of Hand Made in the UK on Facebook which has almost 80,000 likes, ‘HMUK’ was set up to support small hand made businesses and has successfully shared thousands of craft pages in the 4 years since the beginning, there is also a very popular HMUK Blog with almost 55,000 views to date. Currently our Instagram following is 40,400 followers.

So we thought it was about time that we had a site dedicated to our own makes and here it is – hope you enjoy browsing.

Below is a picture of a few items from Wood ‘n’ Stuff Miniatures.

A few items from Wood 'n' Stuff Miniatures

Wood ‘n’ Stuff Rustic Ltd collection has been around for over 7 years, we started making miniatures and rustic leather jewellery, and we have since branched out into MDF shapes – that is what this site is all about. We specialise in custom designs and are always happy to help with whatever you require.

We have put together some of the more popular items for you to browse through. Everything is handmade and  not bought in. There is no production line, just lovingly put together for our customers.

Our craft supply items are all produced on our Large Format Scroll Saw, CNC Router or laser Cutter, with all materials from sustainable sources.

All of our items are supplied to a high standard, they are sanded and ready to paint straight away.

We also offer a bespoke cutting service where you supply the design and we reproduce it in MDF or wood.

Wood ‘n’ Stuff Rustic Ltd