Wood'n'stuff Rustic Ltd
bluebell wood

Wood is known to be one of the most naturally renewable energy sources, which means it will have less of an impact on the environment compared to other materials. According to the British Woodworking Federation, over 90 per cent of the wood we use in the UK is from forests in Europe, which are growing by 661,000 hectares each year. This shows that it’s a readily-available resource which we’re not going to run out of anytime soon.

A wide variety of factors affect how long a wooden product lasts, including the type of wood, the location of the product (interior or exterior environments) and the treatment that has been applied to it. Generally, wood is lightweight, but also strong and durable and if treated well can last over 100 years.

All of the wood we use are from sustainable sources and managed forests. We also recycle as much wood as we can. Nothing is ever thrown away.