Large Colour LOGOdisc (hand painted)

Large Colour LOGOdisc (hand painted)

Large Colour Logo or Text LOGOdisc (hand painted)
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Product Information

NEW Hand Painted LOGOdisc 

Use our LOGOdiscs in your product pictures to let everyone know who you are ......

Size: 15cm round
Wood: Quality Plywood

Colour LOGOdisc - If you have your own logo and would like it reproduced onto our new colour logodisc it must NOT be a photograph of an item you make - it SHOULD be a line drawing based logo - (Please use the download button to send your file). Please note: not all logo's would be suitable to reproduce so if you would like us to see your logo before ordering please email with your file - we can let you know if it will be possible to convert.

Wood used for the discs may vary due to different grains.

If for any reason we cannot produce your disc we will email you, and send a full refund however we would prefer you to send a copy of the logo before purchasing so we can let you know if it would be possible or not.

We also have the option of plain LOGOdisc (not colour) in another listing - size 10.5cm 

Technical Specifications

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